‘Fess up. Sometimes you can get so bogged down with all that’s going on with your kids, spouse, work—maybe even your aging parents—that life becomes overwhelming. 

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It’s hard to know which way to turn ... hard to make decisions that will get you on track, make life more balanced, tend to the needs of your family, and grow strategically in your career. 

WomenCare events take you away from all that ... for a short time anyway but enough time to get you together with other women who are just like you. They’re experiencing the same issues you are, held back by the issues you are.

And what you all need is a short refresh to boost your energy, develop focus, and make you feel more purposeful, intentional, alive. Our WomenCare events can do that for you.

That’s our purpose: 

Whatever your perspective, it’s a win-win-win.

Meet like-minded women, enjoy a mimosa, unwind, promote, take time for yourself.

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