Patient Advocacy

Poor Information Leads to Poor Care
Advocacy Can Help

Patients need information from their care providers to make decisions about their health. So do their families and their caregivers. Unfortunately, information is not always transmitted as readily and clearly as it should be which diminishes care and increases stress and frustration.

The U.S. healthcare system is one of the most complex in the world. This is largely attributed to differences in billing, coding, and reimbursement from privately managed care plans and government-run Medicaid and Medicare. 

Add healthcare literacy to the mix and there can often be challenges when patients or their caregivers must deal with clinicians and healthcare professionals, get guidance relative to their conditions and treatment options, and including filing claims and preparing necessary forms. 

What’s more, patients suffering with dementia are faced with decline in their cognitive abilities and memory. They may not be fully aware of their surroundings or recognize their limitations in mobility. 

When you and your family hire a private professional patient advocate you are hiring a professional to directly represent your loved one in the health care system. The private patient advocate helps the patient navigate through the medical system, whether it be through assisting them with understanding their health issues and the important items to discuss with the doctor, finding doctors, dealing with medical billing errors, getting access to health care resources, accompanying patients to medical appointments, checking on them and their care while hospitalized, etc.

We work with a network of advocates you can trust.

Private patient advocates include a wide variety of people including social workers, case managers, medical billing experts, nurses, physicians, and even laypeople with personal experiences as a patient or caregiver. A growing number of these professionals are forming patient advocacy companies that provide services locally or even nationally. Services provided by private patient advocates are not covered by insurance, and clients are typically charged by the hour. The rates can widely vary depending on involvement.

We also provide support for the caregiver. It is hard to be a caregiver in this day and age. We are all juggling various responsibilities. A caregiver advocate can encourage, empower, and provide you knowledge in navigating the eldercare industry and all the resources available—as well as making you aware of the pitfalls. 

Call us to take the first step in hiring an advocate for your mom or dad, brother or sister, aunt or uncle or beloved friend—or for you. The goal is always to provide your loved one with the best care possible. It is also to manage your caregiver stress and eliminate burnout so you can be fully present and effective for your loved one during a difficult time.

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