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“You have the strength and capability within yourself to help others and make the world a better place. You just have to find it”

Clelia Pergola

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For Advocacy That Gives You Power

When it comes to caregiving and life decisions, things can get tough.
Why should you go it alone?

Clelia's Mission

Help caregivers rise above the frustrating and emotionally draining outcomes of caregiving responsibilities...
women establish goals, manage the challenges of accomplishing them, and achieve balance in their lives...
help all these dedicated individuals become the best versions of themselves!
Resource. Guidance. Support. And a welcome ear to listen. I’m always here for you.

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Life is filled with many tremendous moments. But, let’s face it, there are always some bumps in the road.
I know that. I’ve been there.

But something else I know...When the going gets tough, there’s nothing better than having assistance, guidance, and support from knowledgeable people you can trust... from people who can give you direction on a confusing journey.

Whether it’s caregiving or your life’s purpose, I’ve been there.

No one ever said life was going to be easy. But you don’t ever have to go it alone! 

What to Do Next: More Than Just Legal... We're Human

I’m an advocate and author, and Chief Operating Officer of the NJ Elder Law Center at Goldberg Law Group (NJELC). 

I don’t think it’s by accident that I’m one of the founders of the top elder care law firm in New Jersey. It has positioned me to help people. That’s what I’m all about.

My goal is to be your advocate and a resource. I can help you with your decision-making directly and/or by referring you to an expert who specializes in your area of need. Whether you’re challenged with caregiving for your loved one or finding your way to your own better life.

It’s easy to become confused, overwhelmed, and be in the dark about where to turn. The full spectrum of life care planning touches on all the psychological, social, and emotional issues that can arise for individuals and their families as people age. I’ve built a team at Goldberg Law and a strong network outside of our law firm to help people navigate those issues.

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My team at Goldberg Law addresses:

Beyond legal, my network includes geriatric care managers, experts on dementia and the care that accompanies it, caregiving support leaders, veteran’s organizations to name a few who help people identify and navigate the next steps amid the unique issues they are facing.

I also have a network of professionals who work with me to create events that bring women together. I’ve named this network WomenCare because collectively we give you the opportunity to take a time out from your responsibilities, meet and talk with other women, have fun ... even sponsor events yourself.

Emotions like fear and self-doubt can make life even more difficult in challenging times and present hurdles themselves. We want you to be attentive to the self-care that will help you stay strong and chart the course to your most fulfilling life.

We know who can help you specifically with all those things that keep you up at night.

No one ever said life was going to be easy. But you don’t ever have to go it alone!

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There's More to the Caregicing Story... That's Where We Come In

Caring for your loved one is all about commitment, and dedication...about doing the right things to make them feel loved and comfortable and to experience quality of life when they are ill or become infirm. In the United States, however, the health care system is large and complex. Like it or not, there’s a whole business side of caregiving that must be addressed to ensure that your loved one receives optimal care. That’s where we come in. We can take care of that business side so you can devote your time to attending to the physical and emotional needs of your loved one.Here are the ways we can help ...

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Crisis Intervention

Be prepared when a crisis happens. We can help.

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Care Planning

Today, 4 in 10 adults have two or more chronic conditions. We can help you plan around them.

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Care Coordination

Care coordination for families. We can help you prevent gaps in your loved one’s care during transition periods.

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Patient Advocacy

Advocacy and a helping hand to navigate the healthcare system. I have a robust advocacy network.

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Clelia is a very competent, resourceful, and passionate advocate for seniors in our community. I in particular enjoy her high level of professionalism coupled with a very approachable and friendly presence that makes her very credible and trustworthy. I am thankful we have peers like Clelia in our industry that partner with us to help seniors and be a valuable resource for families.
Zack Demopoulos
Clelia shows deep concern and caring for her clients. She is interested in developing her knowledge re: geriatrics, community resources and home care to better assist the Law Group clients. She is willing to reach out to others to seek assistance as needed when it will benefit those individuals/families in the practice.
Judy Amir
Clelia is a hard worker. If given a task, she went above and beyond the call of duty. She is compensate about her job and the clients that she interacted with. She is very organized and loves what she does. A great smile and a extended hand to help at all times.
Carrie Hicks
Whether you're a practicing attorney or on staff at a firm, this [The Law Firm Revolution] is a great guide for creating a more compassionate, client oriented experience. Perfect for, but not limited to those specializing in elder care law and issues. Small investment for a fantastic return.
What a surprise to find that this book is not just for folks involved with the law. The title is misleading; the contents are much more general. The organizational advice can be applied to those in the financial world, education, small business owners and everyday folk who want to keep tract of important info. The writing style is clear, the vocabulary is rich and the print layout is one that will enable the reader to remember the contents.
Pamela Mansfield


What's Your Legacy? All that has happened in my life over the last years has inspired me to start a “What’s Your Legacy” podcast that shines light on others. My co-host, Debby Wolpov, and I invite guests to share their stories of how people and experiences have affected their lives and helping them live their Legacy. 

In fact, the podcast’s theme is Legacy. In an increasingly accepted societal perspective, Legacy goes beyond financial assets being passed onto heirs and speaks more to your family’s story, values, and beliefs. Your family’s values and beliefs are assimilated during your childhood and carried out as you build your adult life, passed on to your children, and passed onto their children and subsequent generations. In this way, the story with all its richness is carried on and expanded throughout the generations. 

Always inspiring and enlightening, the stories people share provide insight, feelings of kinship, and awareness that you are not alone on your life’s journey.


Stories that Educate and Inspire
Life, Lessons & Legacy – How Caring for My Grandmother Changed My World
Life, Lessons & Legacy is my story of self-discovery in the years following my grandmother Nonna Lidia’s death. My journey ultimately took me to a better place as I gained clarity about myself and my roles as wife, mother, daughter, and professional—and I came to learn that everything I was looking for had been there to guide me all along.

The Law Firm Revolution
The Law Firm Revolution speaks to the best practices that can prevent lawyers—particularly those in small firms—from getting bogged down with the administrative tasks that lead to inefficiencies, backlogs, missed deadlines and even misplaced case files. The book’s 13 chapters describe the steel trap systems I’ve introduced at NJELC to ensure a superior and seamless client experience as well as the marketing and leadership techniques that help you to promote your law firm and retain employees and make them ambassadors for your firm.Download The Law Firm Revolution* 


Straight Talk from the Head and Heart. I’m a compassionate and no-nonsense speaker on longevity and its challenges and your access to solutions that will help you navigate the system and cope. I also speak about the struggles of women like you who may need to find balance and purpose in life.

I recommend ways to build and design your most fulfilling life. When my Grandmother Nonna Lidia died I suffered tremendous grief. As difficult, were the feelings of self-recrimination I harbored about some of the decisions I had made about Nonna’s care during the years when her dementia and physical atrophy were reaching new heights. The deep, often conflicting feelings, I experienced for years following her death put me on a journey of self-discovery. Thankfully, I came out of this period gaining a deeper understanding of myself. 

That journey grounded me and made me more self-accepting and aware that not getting everything just right is always part of life. Those insights have had a huge impact on the way I live and think now. I am grateful for anyone who played a part in helping me get to a new and better place. Now it’s my time to give back by sharing my life lessons with you.


‘Fess up. Sometimes you can get so bogged down with all that’s going on with your kids, spouse, work—maybe even your aging parents—that life becomes overwhelming. 

WomenCare events can take you away from all that ... for a short time anyway but enough time to get you together with other women who are just like you. They’re experiencing the same issues you are, held back by the issues you are. 

Meet like-minded women, enjoy a mimosa, unwind, promote, take time for yourself. That’s what WomenCare events will do for you ... refresh you, energize you, even lift your look.