Inbox Theory

A Better Way to Manage Your Business and Your Teams

The Inbox Theory is a unique method I developed for systematizing daily operations in business organizations. By streamlining your team members’ email inbox requests, messages, demands, and desires, you are able to use you inbox as your to do lists. The inbox, then, becomes a vehicle for completing tasks assigned to you by clients, customers, team members and even tasks you establish for yourself. The goal: to empty your inbox daily. The cumulative result is a more efficient and effective organization able to accomplish tasks and communicate with clients and team members in a quick and concise manner.

I developed the Inbox Theory to manage our team at NJELC. I continue to use it as an effective best practice for our very busy legal practice.  As word has spread about the effective efficiency of the Inbox Theory, I have been asked to train other businesses and law practices to improve their operations and achieve better results.

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