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Life, Lessons & Legacy

How Caring for My Grandmother Changed My World
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Life, Lessons & Legacy is my story of self-discovery in the years following my grandmother Nonna Lidia’s death. While I went through all the motions of a normal life and strived to project strength to those around me, internally I was experiencing tremendous self-doubt. In reality, at many times, I was overtaken by self-recrimination about some of the decisions I had made about Nonna’s care during the years when Nonna’s dementia and physical atrophy were reaching new heights. My journey ultimately took me to a better place as I gained clarity about myself and my roles as wife, mother, daughter, and professional—and I came to learn that everything I was looking for had been there to guide me all along.

The Law Firm Revolution

I was motivated to write The Law Firm Revolution to share the strategies and tactics I designed for NJ Elder Law Center at Goldberg Law Group, enabling our firm to experience tremendous growth and success. The Law Firm Revolution speaks to the best practices that can prevent lawyers—particularly those in small firms—from getting bogged down by inefficiencies, backlogs, missed deadlines, and even misplaced case files. Read the book in its entirety or choose chapters that relate to your gap areas to elevate practice areas at your firm.