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"What's Your Legacy"
Inspiration, Purpose, Challenges in Their Lives

I’m excited that society is beginning to look at legacy different than it has in the past. Legacy used to refer to a gift of assets or property passed onto a person’s heirs at the time of their death. Today, Legacy is less about things and death than about life and the intentionality with which we live our lives in the present. And much of that intentionality grows out of the values that have been passed on to us by our families and that we pass onto our children and so on through the generations. When you look at life from this perspective, you gain greater meaning, more purpose, and appreciation for your experiences, your relationships, and your surroundings.

I started my “What’s Your Legacy?” podcast last year with the intent of interviewing guests who wanted to share their life stories and show how living with legacy has brought greater meaning into their lives. This year, I have invited Debbie Wolpov, who has an inspiring life and family story to cohost with me. Debbie is an expert in the payment space and Founder of MerX Payments.


Tune in or listen to some of the past recordings and find a bit of yourself in some of our guest stories.

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