Care Planning

The Care Plan:
Putting Predictability into the Unpredictable

Caregiving is complicated and stressful. It often surprises you with unexpected issues that can interrupt the quality of care, the continuance of care, and the comfort of your loved one. At those times, you can feel overwhelmed and lose all confidence in knowing you are doing your very best for the special person in your care and charge.

That’s why we’re here. We can help you through those rough spots and do even more. We can manage or advise on best options for what we term the business of healthcare. We here to help you. We want to let you know—assure you—you don’t have to go it alone. We’re here to lend a hand.

Today, 4 in 10 U.S. adults have two or more chronic conditions. Who’s to say when one of those conditions kicks in for your mom, your dad, your spouse, or your sibling? 

An illustration of 10 people icons with 4 of them in blue color and 6 in cream color, to represent the concept of 4-in-10 people

The when is clearly not predictable...the what is often unpredictable as well.

But how to cope with the when is. A care plan is the vehicle that can put you at the ready to take the necessary actions if and when the unpredictable strikes.

A care plan is a guide that allows you to have a say in your family’s health care. It is important to know what your family wants, and what the options are in case of a crisis or diagnosis. This will set action steps and lay out a directory of service providers in case of an incident.

Care Planning is the process by which health care professionals and patients discuss, agree, and review an action plan to achieve the goals or behavior change.

Phase 1: Identify Stakeholders – It is important that we identify the involved family members and their proficiencies. We can assign roles to a family member who has financial, medical or communications capabilities, for example, so that we can assign specific roles to them. Dividing responsibilities allows us to collaborate and conquer the confusion of the health care system and its almost too many choices. We also need to review family history, the current diagnosis, symptoms, and concerns.

Phase 2: Prepare a Goal Directed Profile – After identifying the multiple requirements of care management and the family members responsible for each function, we will create a profile that defines goals and identifies the steps each individual must take for a specific function.

Phase 3: Plan Actions with Inclusions of Key Medical Professionals – Creating a detailed sequential outline of necessary action steps to achieve specific goals lays the foundation for execution. The plan will include introductions to the various professionals who will be called upon when the time arises.

Phase 4: Execution, Management and Action – The moment the plan is needed to put professionals into action, our team can help coordinate the care plan. The preferences for our team’s level of involvement in managing the plan varies among individual families. We’re here for you if you need us.

The need for a care plan is undisputed, however.
Call us to create one with you and for you.

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