Image of the Law Firm Revolution book

Excerpt from forward: If you’re reading this book, you are no doubt a lawyer, someone managing a firm or looking to make a difference in the firm where you work. As part of this noble club of very bright, very talented professionals, your work is governed by tremendous rules, regulations, compliance standards and ethical requirements. Combine that with your commitment to your clients in matters, often life-changing. It’s fair to say, your on-the-job responsibilities are many. Honoring all those masters can be challenging. First, you must serve your clients. It is, no doubt, a large part of your mission is to serve your clients with the thoroughness and professionalism that leads to positive outcomes. Sometimes a resolution doesn’t turn out to be what you and your client set out to accomplish. But even then, if you’ve managed the case with care and treated the client responsively and respectfully, it is likely the client will come away recognizing that he’s experienced superior service.

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Image of Life Lessons & Legacy book

Excerpt from forward:

If there’s one thing Clelia Pergola knows now for sure is that a strong value system is the foundation of a rich and productive life. Advocacy. Authenticity. Legacy. These principles are the foundation of her inner checklist and are the criteria that inform all her actions.

Being part of a family with strong ties, it would seem that these values have always been her tiller. And at some level, they were. But it wasn’t until her cherished Nonna Lidia died and following her time of grieving that they became more intentional.

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