Legacy & Leadership

In your quest to rise to the top (or just make your work/life the best it can be) you will want to put yourself out there – volunteer, speak on topics that show your expertise, join panels, host events, public speak, etc. Let me help you. You can leverage my experience so that you don’t make the same mistakes I made.

If you want to truly be your best self you must step out of your comfort zone. You are special and now it’s time for others to see that too. By branding yourself, you show the world that you are unique and that you have a powerful message. Branding separates you from the rest of the population. Likewise, by exhibiting leadership powers you become known as a woman who stands by her word and participates in organizations that benefit others. Leadership is important to build self-worth which allows me to help others with pure intentions.

With some guidance, some mindful training and the will to transform I can help you in that journey. We take a step by step customized approach for you to achieve your goals. Sometimes those goals are to simply to have more confidence while others may be training for a large speaking engagement or collaborating on an event you are involved with.

Clelia is detailed oriented in her job and watches the bottom line. She is quick to learn and more important she wants to learn. She takes direction very well. She is vibrant and is a welcome addition to any type of office. She also has very good computer skills. She plays nice in the “sand box”. I would be happy to work with Clelia or recommend her

Phyllis Alfano

Steadfast, focused, visionary. These are just a few words I would use to describe Clelia Pergola. She has the ability to see beyond trend, She is smart, intuitive and a natural leader. Witnessing her leadership in action is inspiring. She creates a culture of loyalty, excellence, and professionalism with leading by example. She is a true leader and will continue to take her team to new heights. I learn from watching her in action. She is someone you want in your orbit.

Vicki Harte

I have known Clelia for a number of years, both as a colleague and a friend. Although I have yet to use her elder care legal services, I can tell you that she is compassionate, dedicated, organized, intelligent, and a wonderful person to know. Any time I have any issue or question I can count on Clelia’s honest advice and feedback. In fact, she is my #1 go-to professional for everything elder care related. Highly, highly recommended.

David Deutsch