Patient Advocacy

A private professional patient advocate is hired by the patient (or patient’s family) to directly represent the patient in the health care system. The private patient advocate helps the patient navigate through the medical system, whether it be through assisting them with understanding their health issues and what to talk to their doctor about, finding doctors, dealing with medical billing errors, getting access to health care resources, accompanying patients to medical appointments, checking on them and their care while hospitalized, etc. Private patient advocates include a wide variety of people including social workers, case managers, medical billing experts, nurses, physicians, and even laypeople with personal experiences as a patient or caregiver. A growing number of these professionals are forming patient advocacy companies that provide services locally or even nationally. Services provided by private patient advocates are not covered by insurance, and clients are typically charged by the hour. The rates can widely vary depending on involvement.

We also provide support for the caregiver. It is hard to be a caregiver in this day and age. We are all juggling various responsibilities. A caregiver advocate can encourage, empower and provide you knowledge in navigating the eldercare industry and all it provides. While the goal is always to provide your loved one with the best care possible it is also to manage the caregiver stress and eliminate burnout.