Care Planning

A care plan is a guide that allows you to have a say in your family’s health care. It is important to know what your family wants, and what options are in case of a crisis or diagnosis. This will set action steps, give you a directory of service providers in case of an incident.

Today, 4 in 10 U.S. adults have two or more chronic conditions.

a graphic illustration with people icons to show 4 in 10

Care Planning is the process by which healthcare professionals and patients discuss, agree, and review an action plan to achieve the goals or behavior change.

  • Phase 1: Identify
  • Phase 2: Prepare
  • Phase 3: Plan (with patient)
  • Phase 4: Manage (Not for everyone)

Phase 1: Identify family members. It is important that we find out who is involved in the family and what roles they play. It is imperative that we find out if anyone in the family has strong suits such as financial, medical, etc so that we can divide, collaborate, and conquer. We also need to review family history, current diagnosis, symptoms, and concerns.

Phase 2: After identifying various aspects from family, to roles, we will create a profile where your goals will be laid out. Action steps for the family will be identified.

Phase 3: A plan will then be put in place including introductions to various professionals for when the time arises.

Phase 4: The moment the plan is needed to put professionals into action, Clelia’s team will help with coordinating the care plan if the family desires.

No matter how involved or involved you want us to be, we will be here when you call.