Business Operations

Clelia Pergola’s success over the last decade is the product of preparation, perseverance, and dedication to structuring work processes to allow business owners the freedom to delegate in order to focus on what’s important – the area of expertise that they are paid for.

Clelia learns about your business so that she can teach you how to organize your day to provide you with time, freedom, and confidence that your clients will be treated well. As a byproduct of Clelia’s process, your staff will become an integral part of your brand and persona. This engenders loyalty and a collaborative environment.

Women in the workforce are particularly susceptible to burnout due to the combination of a full day of work and the expectations of caring for a family and, oftentimes, acting as a caregiver to an aging parent. Clelia has figured out the work/life/excellence balance and shares it with her clients.

I have referred many elder law and estate planning cases to Clelia Pergola at the NJ Elder Law Center. My experience with them has been excellent. They have been very responsive to my clients and have helped them through difficult situations with compassion and efficiency. I highly recommend Clelia to you as well as the entire team at the NJ Elder Law Center.

Rosanne DeTorres

Steadfast, focused, visionary. These are just a few words I would use to describe Clelia Pergola. She has the ability to see beyond trend, She is smart, intuitive and a natural leader. Witnessing her leadership in action is inspiring. She creates a culture of loyalty, excellence, and professionalism with leading by example. She is a true leader and will continue to take her team to new heights. I learn from watching her in action. She is someone you want in your orbit.

Vicki Harte

Clelia shows deep concern and caring for her clients. She is interested in developing her knowledge re: geriatrics, community resources and home care to better assist the Law Group clients. She is willing to reach out to others to seek assistance as needed when it will benefit those individuals/families in the practice.

Judy Amir