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Clelia Pergola has been named one of the Top 25 Leading Women Intrapreneurs

Congratulations to Clelia Pergola from NJ Elder Law Center at Goldberg Law Group on being named one of the Top 25 Leading Women Intrapreneurs. We are so excited for Clelia and we would like to celebrate her success as a Leading Woman. Join us for the Top 25 Leading Women...

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Clelia Pergola Has Been Named Forty Under 40

The Forty Under 40 awards program celebrates the state’s most accomplished young business leaders who have been making headlines in their field and who share a commitment to business growth, professional excellence and to the community. For 2018, the winners will be recognized by category....

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Clelia’s Caregiving Story

I will be writing periodically from my corner of the world to tell you a little about my life and the struggles I’ve seen as a caregiver. For those who don’t know, I’m a caregiver to my grandmother. My grandmother is so much like a mother to me that I call her “Ma”. She, in turn, calls...

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New Year & New Beginnings

The holidays and The New Year have come and gone and with them so many celebrations and emotions. This past weekend I celebrated my youngest son, Gino’s, 1st birthday. He was born Christmas Day and while it should have been such a happy event, it was ironically bittersweet. It was the first...

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Clelia’s Caregiving Story Update

Last week, Clelia’s caregiver journey finally ended. Two weeks prior to her 87th birthday, Lidia Barone, “Ma,” took her last breath lying in bed surrounded by the people who loved her dearly. I watched as a family joined together in her last days waiting for the inevitable. The last two...

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My World Has Changed Forever

After six years of caring for my grandmother, and finally ready to tell my story, my Nonna has passed away. I started this blog to connect on a deeper level with those of you who are caregivers in the industry and also to share my experience with those who cannot imagine the challenges of...

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Rehab is a Term for the Entire Family

Back in my everyday life, I was working at an another eldercare law firm, where I was getting into work before anyone got in to ensure the work was being done, I was weeks away from my bridal shower and I had just, within that week of grandma going into ICU, moved out of my grandparents’ house...

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The Part Where I Realized I Was My Clients’ Families

Back in my grandparents’ house, we decided to get the house ready for when grandma came home, because she was definitely coming home (We are Italian, after all!). We all chipped in, pulled up all the carpeting, threw out all the throw rugs, tossed some clutter, and hired Back Home Safely to...

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