Who Am I?

My greatest professional achievement so far is creating, growing and managing one of the most successful elder law firms in the State of New Jersey. I challenged the traditional law firm model to build a compassionate, procedure-based practice that focuses on delivering value.

I’ve co-authored a book which illustrates the theories I pioneered titled “The Law Firm Revolution,” and currently working on my second book, “Life, Lessons & Legacy“! I am passionate about role models. My most influential role model is my mother. She raised me as a single mom without a formal education. She became pregnant with me while our family still lived in Italy, and migrated to the United States when I was just 3 years old. I was so inspired when my mother finally completed her degree at a university later in life and then went on to an accomplished career by becoming a highly successful consultant in the medical billing industry. Her entrepreneurship leading her own practice to advocate for families who had major billing issues, to this day, fuels my ambition to serve families in need.

My beloved grandparents were also extremely influential in shaping me into the person I am today. Nonna and Nonno instilled in me core values like profound kindness, being compassionate, honest and hard working. They arrived in America with a 3rd grade education determined to make a life for their family.

English is my second language. When I share this with people, it always encourages me how surprised they are to learn that about me. I am so proud of my heritage and enjoy embracing it and teaching the lessons we all learned to my children.

An old mentor once gave me a piece of advice I still follow today. When you come up with an amazing idea, wait 30 days before implementing it. This gives you time to really think it through. When the 30 day time frame expires, if you are still as passionate about the idea, then execute.

I am a big believer of learning from other people’s mistakes. So that is why I share mine. The biggest mistake I made was focusing on developing friends with my employees to create a good work environment for them. I now understand that being a leader doesn’t mean you need to be a dear friend to your people. It just means create an amazing work environment by being open, honest, constructive, and being invested in people’s success I really enjoy working and living in New Jersey. There is such a sense of community here if you work hard to build it. Having a backyard for my children as well as having the luxury to visit places like New York, Boston and Philly makes life so enjoyable. I enjoy my work. I’m totally committed to grow the firm by delivering an experience to our clients, employees and community that truly matters. None was meant to go through life alone.