About Clelia Pergola

Clelia’s mission is to support  caregivers and help them rise above the frustrating and emotional responsibilities they have in their families and communities.  She is also passionate about empowering women to juggle life’s challenges and fine  true happiness.

Clelia  spent the last decade investing in her development resulting in a transformation from a  young adult trying to  a woman who is completely committed to  efficiency , effectiveness , and a resource  to those around her.

In 2011, Clelia was given the opportunity to take on a colossal challenge.  To accept a powerful leadership role as the Chief Operating Officer of a law firm to start and build an infrastructure to enable them to grow, deliver more value to their clients and staff and implement seamless processes for maximum efficiency.  This model completely  disrupted the typical  law firm model and provided a new design the organization could thrive with.

Clelia designed the model from the ground up, replacing antiquated processes with a streamlined, procedures-based procedure.  This revolutionary process allowed the attorneys and staff members to improve their productivity, limit distractions, and reduce stress.

Because of the firm experienced tremendous growth and success, she translated these  techniques into a book, titled “The Law Firm Revolution.

Today, Clelia serves as the Chief Operating Officer of the NJ Elder Law Center at Goldberg Law Group.  Clelia is passionate about the mission, vision, and values of the firm and focus’ on building relationships in and outside the firm to maximize the growth of the firm and the value they deliver.

Clelia professional journey in elder care stemmed from her personal experience as a  caregiver to her Nonna & Nonno.  She intimately understands the frustrations and challenges a family faces when engaging within the long-term care system. This personal experience enables her to relate to her clients and colleagues to provide a level of empathy that is typically hard to come by.

Clelia has also written a second book “Life, Lessons, & Legacy” which is the story of Clelia’s odyssey of self-discovery in the years following her grandmother Nonna Lidia’s death. While Clelia went through all the motions of a normal life and strived to project strength to those around her, internally, she was experiencing tremendous self-doubt. In reality, at many times, she was overtaken by self-recrimination about some of the decisions she had made about Nonna’s care during the years when Nonna’s dementia and physical atrophy were reaching new heights .

Clelia is passionate about service and embraces volunteer work.  She is a leading voice in the Morris County Chamber of Commerce, one of the largest business associations in NJ.  She serves a prominent role in the Women in Business Program.  This enables her to build extraordinary relationships with savvy business leaders who invest in their personal and professional development.  Clelia helps to shape programs and opportunities to serve these women for them to achieve extraordinary results in business and in life.

Clelia’s commitment to community and her firm is recognized.  In 2019, NJ Biz awarded her with the Top 50 Women in Business Award, in 2018, Leading Women Entrepreneurs named recognized her as a  Top 25 Leading Women Intrapreneur.  In 2019, NJ Biz named recognized her as one of the top 40 Under 40 Leaders in Business.  Clelia is also an active member of the Healthcare Association of New Jersey.  She is a founding member of WomenCare and Women Rising and has co-authored the book “The Law Firm Revolution.”

Clelia was born in Italy, she enjoys traveling to her native country as much as she can.  When she’s not working,  spending time with her family is a priority.  She is married to Dante, and they have two sons Dante and Gino.